Monstar OST [몬스타 OST] Lyrics

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Monstar OST [몬스타 OST]

 EP06 Hyorin (SISTAR) | 널 사랑하겠어 (I Choose To Love You) [Seon Woo Ver.]
 EP07 Kim Yoo Hyun : 나 가거든 (If I leave) [Ma Hyorin Ver.] 
 EP07 Kang Ha Neul & Da Hee (GLAM) : 사람, 사랑 (Person, Love) [Seon Woo & Kim Nana Ver.]
 EP08 2AM : 전활 받지 않는 너에게 (You Wouldn't Answer My Calls) [Nawin Ver.]
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Thanks for the Lyrics love them... Can you Post the Lyrics for My song and Left-Handed???

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can i request the lyrics of because you're my partner by yoon seol chan..

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i've been looking for 'as i told you/ speak'lyrics of men in black. but sad to say,i can't find any. :( Can you please upload/post the lyrics. thank you.

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i loved my friend's friend by seol chan lyrics pls.

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can i request the lyric Colorbar – That Is My Only World and March Monstar Ost.. please. thanks.

can i request the lyric Nocturne (Ha Yeon Soo - Kang Ha Neul) and Swamp (Kim Da Hee)

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thanks, i love this song so much

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can you tell me whats the name of the song plays in EP04 at 51:10 please

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Thanks for your info..jeongmal gamsahabnida..

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Please make the lyrics where seol chan makes a parody at the beginning on the piano of the song that Se yi's dad wrote :D thankyou

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Kereeeen :-* YJH saranghae:-*

Seol chan loved friend's friend pls

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What did da hee sing in episode 7 where class president follow her when she drop something

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its nice to her kim nana and seon woo sing a duet song the " my love " in episode 7 ... they are perfect couple for me, i was their huge fan .. .. love ya!! and more power both of you ........ saranghae ...

pliss give lirik park ji yoon
(ost bichunmoo)

pliss give lirik park ji yoon
(ost bichunmoo)