VOTE: Best Korean Drama in 2011

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Best Korean Drama in 2011


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EunYoonJane said...

I love
Dream High
You've Fallen for me
like ah like

monique said...

loved Flower boy ramyun shop!!!!

Sellyne Marmol said...

The Best ang Korean dramas ever!!!
City Hunter, 49 Days, Secret Garden, My Princess, Perfect Match, Boys over Flowers, Playful Kiss, Heartstrings... marami pa!!! Can't get enough!!!

lovely_en said...

i love dream high!and dream high now is the 1st!

Lie To Me♥ XD

Anonymous said...

i really like dream high and you've fallen for me

Gina said...

City Hunter
Dream High
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
My Princess
Secret Garden
The Princess' Man
You've Fallen for Me

But I'm vote City Hunter, because I'm Minoz!!.. :)

The best K-drama...
a thousand days promise,
can u hear my heart,
dream high,
my princess,
lie to me,
jewels in the palace...

Alou Rosales said...

♥♥♥ Flower Boy Ramyun Shop ♥♥♥


Cahya PeLita said...

Lie To Me & The Greatest Love, i LOve \(^_^)/