The Greatest Love (최고의 사랑) OST Lyrics

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The Greatest Love (최고의 사랑) OST


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4 comments: said...

Thank You very much!!!! I really like this dramaaa and the OST..
Thanks... ^_______^

Anonymous said...

I can't stop watching this drama over and over again, I can't stop listening to the soundtracks over and over again also lol-guess it really infected me with greatest love virus!!thank you for the lyrics,it's really helpful :)

i adore this drama and the ost , it's one of the best dramas i have ever seen , i enjoyed watching it and hope they make dramas like this one , to any one who is looking for a great drama to watch i 100% recommend this one , thanks sooooooooooooo much .

Anonymous said...

Thanks :DD vI really LOVE this drama ... but im so dissapointed about goo ae joong and dr. yoon pil joo ..