IU (아이유) Dreaming (드리밍) [Dream High OST]

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Naman baraboneun nun
Jogak gachi yeppeun kko
Sarangseureoun ibsul
Uyu gateun pibuwa
Mweonga gunggeumhan pyojeong
Shikkeuhan maltu

Nae chingudeureun naege
Chakgagira hajiman
Nan algo isseo ne mam
Shichimittaedo da ara
Gwishineun sogyeodo
Nae mameun motsogyeo

Hangeoreum hangeoreum
Tteollineun balgeoreum
Seolleimeul angoseo OH OOH

Oneuldo imankkeum
Kkeojyeobeorin mam 
Ijen gobaekhaebwa
Your Dream…

Romanization by: B o o Y i . r A g A m U f F i N ™
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TRANSLATION [cdt: dramabeans]

Eyes that only look at me
A nose like a sculpture
Lovable lips
Skin like milk and
A face that’s curious about something
Chic words

My friends think
I’m delusional
But I knew Your heart
Even when you’re coy
I know
You can fool a ghost
But you can’t fool me

Step by step
Nervous footsteps
With excitement

Today with a heart
As big as this
Your dream


Anonymous said...


나만 바라보는 눈
조각같이 예쁜코
사랑스러운 입술
우유같은 피부와
뭔가 궁금한 표정
시크한 말투

내 친구들은
내게 착각이라
하지만 난 알고있어 네맘
다 알아
귀신은 속여도
내맘은 못속여

한걸음 두걸음
떨리는 발걸음
설레임을 안고서

이만큼 커져버린것
이젠 고백해봐
your dream

Mitzi Vera said...

i really love them :)
sooooo cute !
i was just wishing their story was longer :(

Anonymous said...

i love this song! <3

Anonymous said...

Can someone help me find the guitar chords for 느리게하는일 pleaseeeee! :)

Anonymous said...

guys where i can download this song? please help me because I have been looking it since I watched the drama!!

Raja Rb said...

I LOVE IT, and her voice omg angelic

Anonymous said...

if you want to download this song just find it on youtube, the search youtube to mp3 converter on google. click on like the first link. copy and paste the web address of whatever you want and click convert and download