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Doraolgeorangeol ara
Nan geureohke mideo

I'll be back
Naman barabol jul aratdeon neoraseo
Yeongweonhalgeorago midgo isseonneunde
Wae ireohke dwaebeoryeonneunji NO~

Jeomjeom chagaweojineun neoeui pyojeongi
Nareul wemyeonhaneun neoeui geu nunbichi
Nal seulpeuge haedo deo apeuge haedo OH~
Na~ Neol saranghaneungeol

Romanization by: B o o Y i . r A g A m U f F i N ™


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Malilith Ila said...

OMG THIS IS AWESOME! THANKS!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333

you're welcome.. check out other lyrics from STILL 2:00PM album.. XD

Ecah said...

dont have the english sub?
i really wanna know the meaning ^^

Ecah, i've googled for e translation but i can't find it.. this is what i knew.. donno whether it's correct or not.. i hope it helps a lil bit.. kekeke.. XD

Girl ~ I believe that

I’ll be back
Looking for someone who knew me
I always believed we will be forever
But why this is all down? No
Your face expressions are getting cold
To deny me with your eyes
I feel sad and even more hurt when… I love you