First Entry

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Hi! I'm BooYi

This is my 3rd Blog. I don't know why i made this. Kekeke. If you want to request any KPOP lyric, just let me know. if I have time, I'll check it!

One thing that you have to know about me:

I can read Korean words (Hangeul) but I cannot translate the lyric. I only recognized some words, but to translate sentences is a big no no no to me! But I have tried to translate some lyrics that had been requested by kpoppers here. I hope it will help you guys to understand the meaning of kpop songs. So, most of the English translations were taken from other blogs with credit (고맙습니다!)

I hope you'll enjoy singing KPOP songs with lyric.. Please please please give credit to my blog if you want to share with your friends. Thank you. 감사합니다!

Let's begin~ 시작!


Please give credit if you wanna share this lyric. Thank you. 고마워요. Follow me on Twitter.